TOP 10 CURRENT UNION WAR RANKING (1) Name: DemonOfTerror | Kills: 19      (2) Name: Takato | Kills: 13      (3) Name: AngelAzul | Kills: 13      (4) Name: xXBAYGONXx | Kills: 2      (5) Name: cubandragon | Kills: 1      (6) Name: PewPewUDedz | Kills: 1      (7) Name: BoOO | Kills: 1      (8) Name: oscar000 | Kills: 0      (9) Name: SaY0naKo | Kills: 0     






The Item Mall can be opened by clicking the GAME MENU and choose ITEM MALL or by pressing ALT+K on your keyboard.

This will bring up the Item Mall interface where you will be allowed to purchase unique items with Item Mall Points (IM Points). Your current Item Mall Points balance will be displayed on the bottom left hand corner. The promotions tab on the right of the window will display New, Hot, and Sale items.

From the Item Mall select option [dropdown menu] you can purchase items such as Masks, Bags, Wings, Back, Hat, Suits, Gloves, Shoes, Carts, Specials, Consumables, Coupon, Costume Boxes, & Weapons. Most of our Items in the Item Mall has a corresponding additional stat to boost you!
Consumable item are buyable by bundle.
To purchase an item, click on the [BUY] button on the right side of the item panel. Upon clicking the [BUY] button, a Purchase Review will appear for you to confirm your purchase.

After confirming your item and you desire to purchase the item, click [PURCHASE] button and the item will go directly to your inventory otherwise click [CANCEL] button to cancel the purchase.


Buy MallPoint Coin in Item Mall and sell/trade to other player


If you do not have enough Item Mall points you can purchase points at Alternatively clicking the [BUY POINTS] button in game and you will direct to the needed page.